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The acceptance criteria of thread steel
Anchorage parameter planished steel
In July the thread wire fluctuate
Planished steel stress
Planished steel - plate adjustment nut w
Planished steel process
Over the years my company's main rolling screw steel, steel anchor, the prestressed steel strand, prestressed corrugated pipe, spiral reinforcement, prestressed anchor.... the company's main products made with HRB500E steel, HRB500 planished steel, PSB785 planished steel, PSB830 steel, PSB1080 planished steel, for processing and distribution according to user needs length. Tianjin Cathay Qiancheng steel limited company to "integrity of the service attitude, excellent product quality, perfect enterprise image" praised by users, welcome new and old customers to visit, call letter down inquiry. Hotline: 15510935777
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