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Planished steel process
Time:2013-06-26    Source:    Views:1418

Let me introduce planished steel production process:

Finishing rolling thread steel is produced by small mill, the main types of small mill is divided into: continuous, semi-continuous andtransverse. At present the world new and used in the continuous bar mill. Steel mill steel mill of today's popular high-speed rollinggeneral and 4 segmentation for high production of steel rolling mill.

Continuous small section mill used in general is blank in continuous casting billet, its length is 130~160mm, the length is generally 6~12meters, single 1.5~3 tons of billets. Rolling line is flat - Interchangefor layout, realize no twist rolling. According to different materialspecification and size are small mill 18, 20, 22, 24, 18 for the mainstream.

At present, the use of bar rolling reheating furnace, high pressure water in addition to the new technology of scale, low temperature rolling, endless rolling, rolling, rolling development to adapt and improve the precision of the rolling direction of the blank, finishing mill is mainly to improve the precision and speed (up to 18m/s).

Product specifications phi 10-40mm, Phi Phi is 6-32mm or 12-50mm. Production of steel for the market to need a lot of lowcarbon steel, low alloy steel; high rolling speed is 18m/s.

Now, steel is widely used in large water conservancy project,continuous beam in industrial and civil buildings and large frame structure, highway, railway and bridges, nuclear power station and the ground anchor engineering.

Its production process is as follows:

Reheating furnace, roughing mill, mill, finishing mill, water coolingdevice, cooling bed, cold shear, automatic counting device,strapping machine, unloading platform

From about planished steel in erection function. The main role ofplanished steel in the erection process: connecting the two support bracket support the bridging equipment weight and the entiresegment beam weight.

If during the construction process, its quality and Rachel planishedsteel fruit not only directly affect the stability of the beam in theprocess to promote stability and gantry crane walking in theerection process, more serious is the cause of bridge collapseaccidents and casualties.


  Add:Beichen Tianjin Beichen Jinchen steel market A216  Tel:022-84612322    
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